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YOUR Anti-Aging & Wellness Center in Lehi, UT

WELCOME TO Integrative Health Group

Integrative Health Group is a health clinic located in Lehi, Utah, that is dedicated to helping patients correct hormonal imbalances, lose weight, eat well, and manage their heart health.

Many men and women begin to suffer from hormonal imbalances, weight gain, cardiovascular problems, and decreasing health as they age. The health specialists at Integrative Health Group understand how aging affects the body, and they offer customized treatment plans for men and women dealing with age-related problems.

Integrative Health Group specializes in hormone optimization, cardiovascular assessment, weight management, and anti-aging treatment.

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Board Certified Nurse Practitioner

Catherine Kipp, APRN

Catherine Kipp, APRN, is a board-certified family nurse practitioner who has a passion for helping her patients correct hormonal balances, lose weight, eat nutritiously, and manage their heart health at Integrative Health Group in Orem, Utah.

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Family Nurse Practitioner & Family Practice

Karsen Delgado, FNP-C

Karsen Delgado is a Family Nurse Practitioner who is bilingual in English and Spanish. She obtained her Associate of Applied Science degree from Davis Applied Technology College, and her Bachelor's of Science in Nursing at Weber State University. She served a full time LDS mission to Ecuador, providing nursing services there prior to obtaining her Master's of Science degree at Brigham Young University. S

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At Integrative Health Group, your health is their top concern.  Not only do they focus on treating your symptoms, they focus on finding the root of the problem and create a treatment plan to get you healthy. To learn more, schedule an appointment online or over the phone today.

Integrative Health Group


Very thorough! Always kind. Tech who did my blood draw was amazing! Didn't feel the "stick" at all. Catherine is easy to understand and talk to. Always positive and makes easy to follow suggestions. Highly recommend this practice if you want to make healthy lifestyle changes supported by smart pharmacology/supplements.

- Don B.

I LOVE Catherine. She is so amazing at going over every piece of bloodwork, and does such an amazing job of explaining things so that they make sense. I have been to several other integrative medicine groups and have been disappointed over and over again - and then I found Catherine. Love my experience here! I'm excited to continue working with her clinic!

- Katelyn S.

Catherine is amazing! She knows her stuff! She is very thorough and good at explaining results of blood work. She has helped me achieve wellness.

- Holli G.




Infusion Therapy

Depression & Anxiety

Weight Management

Hormone Optimization



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